Sunday, March 2, 2014

BlackBerry reveals upcoming BBM features, including photo sharing in multi-person chats

BBM photo sharing multi-person chat screenshot
Late last year, BlackBerry teased several new features that it had planned for its BBM apps in 2014, including adding support for BBM Voice and BBM Channels to the Android and iOS apps. An updated version of BBM with those features in tow rolled out earlier this month. Now BlackBerry has returned to its teasing ways, revealing some more new features that it's got planned for its popular messaging service.
BlackBerry today revealed that it's been listening to customer feedback regarding BBM and, as a result, it's prepping several improvements for its apps. The company says that the next version of BBM will support photo-sharing in multi-person chats, allowing users to send their images to several other people at once. BlackBerry is also planning to up the size limit on files shared through BBM from 6MB to 16MB. Finally, the size of BBM emoticons will grow slightly in the next version of BBM.
While these new features may not be quite as big a deal as BBM Voice or BBM Channels, they sound like nice additions that'll improve the BBM content-sharing experience. BlackBerry doesn't say exactly when the next version of BBM will be rolled out, but hey, at least now we know some of the goodies that'll be packed into the update. Keep it locked to PhoneDog and I'll give you a shout when more details on the next BBM update are available.

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