Sunday, March 2, 2014

Windows Phone 8.1 screenshot leak shows support for Start screen background images

Windows Phone 8.1 Start screen background images leak
Windows Phone 8.1 may still be a month away from its official debut, but the rumor mill is making the wait easier today by leaking some new details of the update.
The latest Windows Phone 8.1 leak comes to us from WindowsBlogItalia, which has posted what it claims to be screenshots that show the update's Start screen with custom images. It's said that WP8.1 will have a setting that, when toggled, will allow the user to make the Live Tiles transparent and use a custom image as the background for the tiles. A report from The Verge adds that not every app will have a skinnable tile; apps such as Games and Office will reportedly stick to their custom colors.
In addition to these screenshots, Tom Warren of The Verge has shared an image of the setting that will enable users to skin their Live Tiles. The option is labeled "Start background" and has a button for selecting an image. Users will also have the option of choosing an accent color.
Microsoft is expected to officially introduce Windows Phone 8.1 at its Build developer conference in early April. The Redmond firm hasn't said much about the update, but it did recently confirm that dual-SIM functionality and support for soft keys are coming soon to its platform.
Rumors have suggested that Windows Phone 8.1 will also include a personal assistant named Cortanaa notification panelInternet Explorer 11 improvements and, as we saw today, Start screen backgrounds. While Windows Phone users can already customize their devices by selecting an accent color for their Live Tiles, these Start screen background images will bring a whole new level of personalization to the platform that ought to please all of the Live Tile lovers out there. 
Are all of these Windows Phone 8.1 leaks getting you excited for official reveal of the update next month?
Windows Phone 8.1 Start screen background image setting

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