Sunday, March 2, 2014

Google Search now displays restaurant menus, including tabs for different sections

Google Search restaurant menu results
The weekend is nearly here, and many folks will be taking the opportunity to take a night off from cooking and go out for dinner. Just in time for your eatery adventure,Google has rolled out a new search feature that'll make it easier to decide which restaurant you'll be gracing with your presence.
Google announced today that it's added support for viewing restaurant menus directly in its search results. Simply tell Google to show you the menu for a particular restaurant and it'll return with the menu at the top of the search results, including tabs for the different sections of the menu and even sometimes the prices of each item. The feature is available now, but unfortunately it's currently only available in the U.S.
As I'm sure just about any smartphone owner can tell you, searching restaurant websites from a smartphone can be hit or miss. Sometimes the place you're searching for will have a mobile-friendly site that's a cinch to navigate, but there are just as many instances in which you'll be greeted by a full-on site or something even less useful, like a Flash-filled mess. This new Google search feature aims to eliminate that problem altogether.
The new feature worked pretty well in my testing, bringing up the menus and prices of a few different local eateries. Go ahead and give it a shot on your mobile device now! Just be sure to stop by the comments below and let me know how it worked for you before you head out for a meal, ok?

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