Saturday, March 8, 2014

Motorola launches Moto X College Collection with new colors, also offering student discount

Moto X College Collection
Motorola may be busy transitioning from being a Google company to a Lenovo one, but that hasn't stopped it from announcing new colors and another promotion for its flagship Moto X.
Motorola today introduced the College Collection for the Moto X, which includes a series of customization options that give consumers the opportunity to show their school spirit with their smartphone. As part of its College Collection launch, Motorola has added nine new back colors and three new accent colors to MotoMaker to help buyers find their university's perfect color combo. A design gallery includes pre-configured Moto X models for 43 schools as well as Uncommon clear cases with the college's logo printed on it.
That's not all that Motorola is doing for college students today. The company also launched a student discount that allows anyone with a valid .edu email address to snag an off-contract Moto X for $339. The regular price for a Moto X starts at $399 with no contract or $49 with a two-year commitment.
Motorola hasn't been shy about doling out the Moto X discounts in the past, but it's nice to see the company rolling out another one for folks that still haven't pulled the trigger on an X. The addition of nine new back colors and three new accents are also welcome sights, especially since they broaden the customization options for any consumer that's interested in a Moto X, not just college students. For a peek at Motorola's pre-configured college designs and the new MotoMaker color options, hit up the College Collection link below.

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